CBC Realty makes home-buying easier. We are and end-to -end real estate brokerage who is on a mission to help buyers win in sellers markets. CBC Realty is fueled by speed, customer service, and transparency – going against the “generalist” model of traditional real estate brokerages. We are transforming the home buying experience through comprehensive consumer education, segmented expertise, financial innovation, and on-demand technology. Our core focus is to continuously improve the home buying experience. We’d love to chat with you!

We share the vision and passion of Global Capital Allocation to chase the yield, safety, and portfolio diversity.

We help high net worth individuals locate US real estate opportunities and possibly EB-1 and EB-5 Qualified Opportunity Zones opportunities.

Real estate is a very local business. As owner of an established and licensed real estate brokerage firm, our experience and access enable us to better look for and identify suitable real estate deal from the sources of either on the market or off the market. When opportunity knocks, we can quickly align with regional vendors to serve the right deal. 

Financial leverage might be key element for a successful project. As owner of a U.S. registered Securities Broker-Dealer, we play an extra value-add role to connect our projects with capitals and loans.

We develop a methodology for aligning sponsor equity requirements with investor need for risk mitigation, trust, and superior return.

We co-invest our own fund for every project that we select and develop.

We focus on residential at strategic locations rather than commercial, as we believe residential incurs much less risk.

We have long term relationships and effective communications with cross-border investors from the greater China area.

We understand both Chinese investors’ needs and U.S. business culture, path, and political environment.

We also contribute capital to each project that we selected and our capital contribution will be deferred shares while investors’ capital contribution will be preferred shares with all equity rights.

Our securities broker-dealer, CBC Securities Inc, a FINRA member firm, will be standing by to provide a plethora of investment banking services including, but not limited to, Syndication, ABS, REIT, and Valuation and Exit.

Most importantly, we are trustworthy and reliable, and a risk-cautious approach in the pursuit of win-win is in our gene!

CBC Realty Inc, together with its two sibling companies CBC Global Inc and CBC Securities Inc are owned by their parent company, Concordia Boston Capital Inc.