A Unique Investment Opportunity
Enjoy potential passive income, tax benefits and appreciation of a single-family rental property fully managed by RealtyCBC
Property investment: You invest in an individual home by purchasing an interest that represents your investment in the home.

Fractional ownership: Shares are offered in select properties representing 1/10th of the home’s equity, resulting in lower investment levels and lower cost of diversification.

Economic rights: Investors receive the economic rights in the underlying home, including potential net rental income (after expenses), tax benefits, and appreciation.

Alignment: Roofstock One retains a minimum 10% ownership interest in each fractional property for the first year. In short, we partner with you so you can invest with confidence.

Fully passive: Roofstock One includes professional, in-house property and asset management, so investors are freed from time-consuming tasks and decisions.

Liquidity: After an initial 6-month holding period, Roofstock offers investors liquidity options that include converting to traditional ownership and possible share redemption. Please read more.

How it works